The Mass Shootings of Orlando


June 13, 2016


For Immediate Release

Press Statement 

by Bishop James W.E. Dixon, II


The mass shooting in Orlando that left 50 people dead and 53 wounded is dubbed the worst such massacre in US history. All of us are admittedly shaken to the core by this the degree of violence and pain. The underlying motive for this carnage is HATE! 


Today, we join with the interfaith community to covey our condolences to the families of all the victims.The sentiments of this Christian pastor and members of the Kingdom Builders Global Fellowship is that while we weep with the families, we also believe there must be definite actions taken to prevent this from happening again and again. Specifically, we must take aggressive steps to reverse the atmosphere of hate that has unfortunately spread throughout this nation and the world. And as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., taught us, “The only power greater than hate is LOVE.”


To that end, we will be speaking with leaders of the interfaith community about uniting to organize a coordinate Love Attack that will begin in Houston. It is only fitting that leaders of the faith community to call all of us together under that one banner. The LOVE BANNER!  Hopefully, this will spread around the nation and the world. 


We will be meeting and forming plans that everyone can contribute to. And no one who can embrace the principle of Loving Your Neighbor will be left out. For it is passed time that we teach this truth.  Love Your Neighbor. Whether your neighbor is a different race or color, a different religion, a different lifestyle or a different political affiliation... Love Neighbor! 


This is our message and it must be our mantra. This is what the faith leaders here in Houston, around the nation and the world must lead us to do. Then, and only then, will we make the world a safer place!


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20 Jun 2016

By Bishop James Dixon II
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