Mia St. John Appointed Spokesperson for National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association

HOUSTON, February 2, 2016-Mia St. John, professional boxer, health advocate and mom, has been announced as the new campaign spokesperson for Knockout Medical Malpractice public service advertising (PSA) campaign. The campaign,developed by the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association and The Houston Peace & Justice Center, sheds light on anissue well hidden-Medical Malpractice.

Preventable mistakes in medical care are the third leading cause of death in America, according tothe Jouranl of Patient Safety. "More than 400,000 people die every year in America's hospitals from infrections, inappropriate treatment,. botched procedures, and othe preventable mistakes," says Deirdre Gilbert, National Director of NMMAA. We are working to alert the public to this dangerous and unacceptable situation. "We need to end negligent care, elminate medical mistakes and support the many who have been injured and the families of those who have lost loved ones."

We are so pleased to have Mia on board to help advocate and educate on the importance of mental health and the devastating effects of medical malpractice. Through a series of social media and public relations efforts, Mia St. John will petition for awareness of Medical Malpractice and the importance of accountability and patient safety. Mia and the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association will extend our voices nationwide.

About Mia St. John

Mia is an international world-class athlete, mental health advocate, founder of Mia St. John Foundation and the mother of two children, her daughter Paris and Julian St. John who recently passed away after a long bout with mental illness. She founded "El Saber Es Pder/Knowledge is Power" to empower youth by proiding eductional material, equipment and development of Health & Wellness Programas. In addition El Saber Es Poder along with Lou Pizzaro of the hit TV show "Operation Rep" and producer Randy Martinez produced a PSA in Spanish to raise awareness of mental illness for inner city youth. In 2010 Mia and Rep. Grace F. Napolitano joined LA Laker Ron Artest for an official mental health and suicide prevention training program to promote the Mental Health in Schools Act, legialation Mia authored which would increase federal funding for mental health therapists in schools. Mia has made appearances on Jay leno, Conan O'Brien, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, TMZ, E, and contless others. She has played herself on TV shows and has her own PlayStation game by EA Sport. Mia signed with Don King and stayed with him for four years opening all of Oscar De La Hoya's major fights. Mia has hosted for networks such as Fox Sports Net, ESPN Deportes and commentating for PPV fights. She has fought all over the world,including Beijing, china, where she won her IBA Chanpionship. After accumulating an unheard of boxing record of nearly 60 pro fights she fianlly fulfiled her dream and became the WBC International Boxing Champion of the World.

Why Mia Joined This Campaign

NOvember23, 2014, was the most devastating time of Mia's life. Kristoff St. John acclaimed award winner of The Young & the Restess heard a mother's scream, a scream of despertion and smotheing he had never experienced. This was the day that Julian St. John was found dead in a facility that was suposed to be protecting him. Her son was found unconscious; no one according to survellance footage had been seen going into his room. Julian was supposed to be checked every fifteen minutes. This didn't happen. According to medical records it alledged that Julian was found immediately and resposne was immediate while the incident reprot of emergency responders says it was almost 30 minutes later. Julian was found with a plastic bag over his head. The lack of care, the deliberate actions to cover-up is the reason for her fight. Mia understands the effects of menatl illness for she too suffered with obsessive compusive disorder, but Mia understands that this campaign is not only the battle for jsutice for her son's death, but for those struggling for justice in the careless purloining of those who never had a voice. Mia states that she "Will Fight UnitlHer Last Breath."

About the Partnership for :Knockout Medical Malpractice Campaign"

The Partnership for Knockout Medical Malpractice (www.knockoutmedicalmalpractice.org) is a colaition of the leading organizations in the filed of medical errors. The partnership is committed to call attention to medical malpractice, enforce transparency and to help raise public consciousness. Together we want to empoweer those who struggle silently and alone. We want to rasie our voices as a singular voice and fight back against the absence of information and silence on the impact of medical malpractice.

About National Medical Malpractice Advoacacy Association

The National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association (www.nmmaa.org) is a non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness of the devastating effects of medical malpractice, to edcuate communties about the value of human life, and to provide emotional and advocacy support to victims and their families. Having been the first organization tohave Medical Malpractice Month ot be recognized in July in the city of Houston, Philadelphia, Georgia Congressionally Recognized and to now hae the first spokesperson to help advocate for change has effected, and will continue to effect,tremendous positive change by raising awareness, inspiring action and saving lives. For mor information, please visit www.nmmaa.org. You can also visit www.facebook.com/nmmaa or follow us on Twitter @ddickso1.

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02 Feb 2016

By Deirdre D. Gilbert
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